Meet the WLJC Crew: Adrian N., Quality Control



Adrian has been with White Label for two years, and man have we seen some stuff. Talking with him now guarantees a lot of tangents and laughs, especially when he walks in and the first thing he says is, “ What up, Playa.”

Adrian is our Quality Control Specialist who makes sure all of our recipes are spot on before they leave us and get to all our customers. We both share a love of Nightmare Before Christmas so asking what his favorite movie was was an easy start. Television was a little different vibe with the answer of Breaking Bad. The drama and crazy twists and turns really keep him interested, which I think is how a lot people feel.

It had been so long I couldn’t remember the circumstances that landed Adrian here with us. Apparently, Adrian was working graveyard shifts at another warehouse making protein, but was about to have his first baby girl, Alana, any day. Hearing about the openings here at White Label, and how he knew he wanted to be around to take care of his new baby, the switch was effortless. He says everything fell into place and he has been able to be there for so many beautiful things in his daughter’s life. This of course brings tears to the eyes, and was an easy segway of explaining why he loves it here; loving the work he gets to do, being in charge of our flavors and making sure they are correct for each and every customer we have. He says this place is not work, it is his home away from home, his second family that really shows that a small company is the best. His favorite memories from over the years are always going out to eat together as it is always a great time, and when we got to meet the JABCEC foxes from our Valentine’s Day sale in 2017. He painted how he got to bring Alana with him and watching her light up over meeting real foxes was the biggest treat.

We easily go on a long discussion about children, as I am 3 month pregnant with my first. He tells me how holding his daughter in his arms for the first time is the biggest accomplishment in his life, and he tells me I will feel the same. It is clearly visible how much he loves her and lives just to be there for her. We talked about how he wants to pay off all of his debts to show his girl how to be successful for yourself and be smart with money. He says his dad is his biggest inspiration because that is what he displayed to Adrian growing up. His father’s hard work helped give Adrian and his family the life they had. His father encouraged them all to work hard and smart, and he hopes to display that to Alana too. Another goal he has is to free up time to help coach basketball for kids and help get Alana into sports as well.

Pulling up the end of our interview, I ask what his favorite flavor from White Label is, expecting to start seeing a theme with what flavor all the employees choose. But in true Adrian fashion, he surprises me and says Cinnamon Roll, how the flavor really comes out and just tastes amazing every time, no matter the nicotine strength.

He took a moment to really come up with a great list of contributions he wants to see us contribute to. After consideration, his list was Military Veterans, some sort of Endangered Animals fund, as well as, Down Syndrome research. Such a powerful list of things we all believe in and stand behind.
And finally, my favorite question to ask everyone and that always has an amazing answer. His was not short of powerful and side splitting. He claims his spirit animal, he claims, is a gorilla. He chose this because they are ultimate beasts, they are one big family that look after each other, and would do anything to protect each other and ultimately, you just don’t mess with a gorilla.

Adrian has been an integral part of White Label Juice Company over the years and we cannot thank him enough for all he does everyday!

Stay tuned for more of our employee spotlights here at White Label!

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