Meet the WLJC Crew: JC S., Label Applicator



I thought a dragon had walked into my office on Monday morning, with the deep, guttural sounds that were coming out of JC Santos, but really it was the aftermath of a good gym day. I knew this was going to be good.

Being in our warehouse for almost two years as our label machine, JC always has brought the spirit of fun and party, no matter what day of the week. Another one of our employees referred JC to us when he was going through a rough patch, losing one of his greatest friends and his current job at the time not understanding what he was going through. Upon the day of the interview, he felt the camaraderie amongst all of the employees here and knew it was going to be perfect. He loves being in charge of the label application process as he knows what is expected from our customers, appearance is everything.

His Nike beanie he wears everyday depicts the coolness JC brings to our group. He explains how he loves everyone he works with, especially when we all go out to celebrate birthdays and eating together as a team. He loves how it brings us all together. Phil’s BBQ, a local restaurant here, is his favorite place for us to go. We of course start to talk about our favorite dishes there and start to drool.

Once our heads are out of the food clouds, we jump back into the things he admires about the company, number one being that we truly donate to organizations that make a difference and that we reach out and help our community in so many ways. He implores that one of the next donations we do is to cardiac arrest research or outreach programs, as that is what his dear friend passed away at too young of an age from. We tossed around the ideas of programs that would teach people signs of cardiac arrest and what to do when you are the first on the scene. I can tell this strikes a cord, as he becomes more serious, something that is out of the norm for our JC. He also suggests cancer research and lung cancer donations, as his Uncle had lung cancer and he would like to remember him as well. To lighten the mood, he asks for an easier question and I ask about his favorite television show. This brings a ear-to-ear grin and another groan. After what feels like an eternity, he says Breaking Bad and starts howling in laughter. Something about the drugs and crime just keep him engaged and on the edge of his seat.

I next question JC about his role model in life. He points out that while he is still so young and is working towards his goals, his parents and older sister are his drive in being successful. He describes that they teach about working hard everyday to reach your goals and that pursuing your dreams is achievable. He sits up straight as he tells me he wants to start his own e-commerce business and knows if he listens to them, he can do anything and will reach his goal.

The final questions I ask in these interviews always receive the best answers. First being what his favorite White Label flavor, which to my surprise was Strawberry Cheesecake, I am starting to notice a pattern amongst the employees. Second, what his favorite color was. Though all of his outfits was blues and blacks, he strongly suggested it was red. He claims his outside of work attire, aka his classy look, always adorns red. Good choice. Lastly, my favorites question to ask, is his spirit animal. The look of confusion sets me in a laughing fit. He stands to leave while still contemplating his options, resolving that he is a lion. Feeling the lion’s fierceness and controlling of their kingdom, JC says is how he wants to be in his own life. He claims eagles are pretty dope too, but the lion is the king.

We cannot express our thanks to JC for all his hard work and dedication over the last two years, but we know we wouldn’t be White Label without him. Keep checking in every Monday for a new blog.

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