Meet the WLJC Crew: Sawyer J., Distribution



Interviews can be awkward, stale and sounding like they were rehearsed, but when you get to interview your employees, it takes on a new shape. Working first with my distribution manager, Sawyer Janicek, was nothing short of laughs and tears over a tub of animal crackers. 

It starts out with the basics, your name, your job position, and so on. We tried to move away from the traditional questions to find out more than what his favorite color was, even though it is blue.

For almost three years, Sawyer has taken charge of keeping our distribution in line, from communicating directly with our clients, to keeping our sides split with the latest comedy bits. His hobbies include Airsoft, mountain biking, traveling and anything outdoor related. He explained how he really enjoys movies like Pineapple Express and television shows such as Eastbound and Down to relax after the mayhem of day to day operations. He loves working in the vaping industry, being able to closely work with vendors and finding out what the consumers are saying about products in the industry, but we all need our outlet to unwind.

 Going back to what caught his eye to White Label, he details how those years ago, while working in a Vape Shop, he was referred to us by a couple of our other employees. He was thrilled about the basis of why our company started; two dudes who understood what consumers really wanted in the vape industry; affordable e-liquid that didn’t skimp on the flavor or clouds. He points out that as a college aged kid, money is tight, and you don’t want to spend so much on e-liquid especially when most companies started charging more than it cost for cigarettes. After a quick interview with the company owners, he knew it was a perfect fit. He cracks up at telling me one of his favorite things we have ever done as a company is when we have done team building activities, especially the laser tag. Working with White Label all this time has helped him feel the most successful he has ever felt. Being able to be free and motivated at such a young age has helped build his life into something he would have never imagined.

We talked a little about thing he looks to for the future, he would like to see us donate to causes that help animals, such as rescued kittens or a bee sanctuary foundation, but also looking to help support gun rights as Americans. He sees himself pushing to better himself this year only to be able to help our vendors and customers more, creating a better Sawyer all around for all aspects of life. He pointed to looking up to his older brother Jason for inspiration of where he would like to be. He describes his brother as outgoing and motivated, being successful and self-employed on his own terms and that is something he wants for himself. I had to eat an animal cracker to keep from tearing up.

We wrapped up the conversation on lighter terms, he mulled over every flavor in our arsenal before proclaiming that our Strawberry Cheesecake is the best flavor we have ever created and on the final question, stated that his spirit animal is the mighty Puma. I thanked him for his time, sent him on his way with a handful or crackers, and giggled at the fact that we are so grateful to have this wonderful guy as our Distribution Manager.

Stay tuned to read more about our employees here at White Label Juice Company, the back bone of what makes us great.


Writer: Hailey Cook

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