Meet the WLJC Crew: Evan A., Production


For almost 3 years, our warehouse has been under the supervision of Evan Arechiga, our Assistant Production Manager, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Sitting down with Evan is always a pleasure, his calm demeanor and funny one liners are always the best company.

We talked briefly about how are days were going, about how he is working towards building a website for his amazing art he makes, and how he can’t stop vaping Strawberry Cheesecake. During which he would show me pictures and gifs that would crack my sides. But when we really got down to it, I asked him how he got caught up in this White Label whirlwind. He illustrates a time when he worked at a local Vape Shop and got a call from the company owner, he was referred as a hard working and eager young lad who wanted more than a boring shop job. That same day, he put in his two weeks, knowing it was going to be a perfect fit for him at White Label Juice Company. Knowing the products we were producing, it was something he wanted to stand behind, something that called to him and knew was what he wanted to be apart of. Between the crazy hijinks, and the amazing team that has been built around him, he feels right at home. He colors the day that he was put into his position as the day he felt most successful so far in his life, knowing he could make something for himself and stand on his own two feet, was a moment he says he still cherishes and is grateful for.

He recalls back a time when we would sit around as a company and watch youtube review videos, one of the ways we would gain word of mouth traction in a booming market. We both cracked up at remembering the wall of comments we had in our original warehouse of things our customers sent in to our customer service team. Reminiscing back to those occasions is always a good time.

We start to wrap up our conversation with learning he is working on a new art piece, always using his favorite purple and black color ways to portray the deepest emotions and societal satire. Learning his spirit animal is the Saber Tooth tiger, I suggest his next piece be a purple one, but I don’t think it would turn out well. He tells me one of his idols is Banksy the street artist, as his different point of view in revealing the problems in society is something he loves, Banksy art is amazing, heroic and strong, something Evan wants to capture in his own artwork.

I finally ask him the dreaded question, because who really can name only one favorite movie or show of all time. This one stumps him for a while, conclusively landing on Across the Universe and The House of D, which of course sends me in a load of giggles as I love Across the Universe as well. As he almost leaves my office, I quickly inquire as to some new donation topics he would like to see this new year. He quiets, stares off a minute and assuredly tells me he would like to see a huge sale for domestic abuse cases or a big contribution to our local Children’s Hospitals. This is the soft, tender Evan we have come to love and cherish here at White Label.

We could not do any of this without Evan, or any of the other employees we have here at White Label Juice Company. Tune in next time to learn about another one of our amazing employees who makes us great.


Writer: Hailey Cook

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