Meet the WLJC Crew: Adasia T., Shipping


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There are a few women who are tough enough to work here at White Label Juice Company, and we just so happen to have the best be our shipping master. The girl who makes sure every order is shipped correctly and as fast as possible, Adasia Kiana Cohn-Tabor has been the top dog since January of 2016.

Sitting with her is always full of laughs, and talking about food. Right off the bat we talk about her upcoming birthday, and how she is going for a full rack of ribs and a baked potato for lunch. She isn’t playing around. She explains how she has big plans for herself to pay off her school debt so she can enroll in culinary school. She wants to be a chef and the thought of that sends her on another tangent of explaining her love of barbecue and seafood. Of course, this gets my mouth watering-even though lunch has already passed.

So these interviews are going off of some simple questions, but the answers are always different and so comical. Starting with how she was hired here, she illustrates how she used to come in on days when our company would be backed up on orders and things in the warehouse that needed to be done, an on-call partnership when the small team we had in the beginning couldn’t keep up. She would always inquiry to a permanent position because, as she says, the environment clicked for her. She felt like family, nothing was traditional in how we listened to music and joked around. She felt more like work was play. Once the shipping position opened up, she hoped on it first chance. She has always loved the bonding experiences she has had here, her favorite being when the company went to K-1 Speed for a team building event. She pauses for a moment before lowering her voice in saying she came in last place, but only to let everyone else win, she was more in it for the experience.

Adasia resolves that her whole life up to this point has been a learning experience, a work in progress she keeps moving forward with. She talks about feeling successful at what she does here at White Label because she is in control of her department. She plays well with others, but discloses that she is a perfectionist and when every order goes through her, she knows it is done right. If anything is wrong it can only be traced through her, which lets her learn and grow more. This translates to being consistency is key.

We talked for a long time about donation topics that meant something to her for our new year. She explained how her brothers have cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy, and how seeing them go through hospital visits and meeting others who have it really opened her heart to caring and seeing a bigger picture. She has me pull up a website called which was what she did a walk through in order to raise money for awareness and help others. She said it was such a fun day for her and to see her brothers shine and feel accepted. She also explained to me about a summer camp that MDA did that her brother was invited to. The pictures were something right out of a kids daydream; pool time with friends, walks with big groups of smiling teens all having an amazing time. She reminisced about taking him to the day camps and him having the time of his life. This really hit home for her and caught fire to me as well.

We wrapped it up, as our time talking was much longer than most, only because we always have so much fun and segways are a norm. I asked her in the short time she has been vaping what her favorite flavor is. She explained meloncholy is her go to so far, but has a lot more to try. During the whole conversation, she had to think of a television show she liked, landing on the ever popular Game of Thrones, stating it was scary and gore-y but not enough to turn her away. We got to the part about picking a spirit animal and I about split my sides laughing when she asked if a rack of ribs could count as a spirit animal, as she loves animals but her mind was way too much about food. She specified baby back ribs, with mac and cheese or a baked potato, and to keep those vegetables away, thank you.

Just as she was about to leave, she pointed out as well, that if we were to get her a birthday present to remember, probably with the most serious face I have ever seen on her, that it should be red, she isn’t about that pink life at all.

We would not be the company we are without people like Adasia, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication. Tune in next week to meet the rest of our family.


Writer: Hailey Cook

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